UPDATE: As of 3/31/09, LAVoice.org is in archive mode.

Anyone interested in reviving it can contact us below. Otherwise, enjoy the archive.

LAVoice.org has always been an open blog.

The following was posted March 1, 2009

Since I founded it back in 2002, it has been ruled by its readers and citizen bloggers - by average Angelenos and extraordinary ones - who want a home online where they can vent freely about politics, rave about culture, argue over neighborhood news and clue each other into all the strange and exotic flavors of life in Los Angeles.

Lately it has been languishing, and the current publishers (who took over in February, 2007) have decided to step aside so that someone new can bring LAVoice back to life and make it useful and meaningful again.

So this is an open call for a new publisher. It is a non-salaried position, but you are entitled to whatever ad revenue your version of LAVoice can generate.

You must be:

That's it.

If you look like the right person (or people) to take over publishing duties - inviting contributors and pumping some guts, life and originality back into the brand - then I'll be happy to hand over the keys with zero strings attached, as I did when I left two years ago. You'll have complete carte blanche to make LAVoice the public-access blog you think L.A. needs.

I'll even set you up with a new blog platform, replacing the ancient PostNuke CMS with something cleaner, more modern and more interactive.

If no one steps forward by March 30, then we'll just leave versions 1 and 2 in place for the search engines and L.A.-history geeks to enjoy at their leisure. I do hope you'll give it some serious thought.

Apply here, and attach a resume (.pdf or URL, please) and an explanation on why you should be running LAVoice.org.

Mack Reed
Founding publisher